Antoine Bello

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 october 2015

The Falsifiers

Book description

Fresh out of college, Sliv, a young Icelander, joins an environmental consulting firm. Soon his superior reveals that the firm houses the activities of a secret organization, the Consortium for the Falsification of Reality, which rewrites history and falsifies the world as we know it.
Agents of the CFR, scattered in hundreds of offices and branches around the world, produce scenarios, which they strive to establish by creating false sources or altering existing ones.
Why and on whose behalf, that’s what Sliv sets out to discover. For example, Laika, the dog known for orbiting the earth aboard a Sputnik satellite, never existed.
Who runs the CFR and for what purpose? That’s what Sliv sets out to discover.
The Falsifiers, an international best-seller, is the first installment of a trilogy. It is followed by The Pathfinders and The Producers.